Machine gun Beretta M12

New weapon, never used.

Weapons and a magazine included

On request, the weapon can be adapted for sale to the civil market.

In the case of adaptation to weapons a guarantee for mechanical components is given.


Caliber:   9 x 19 mm

Production year:  1959

Production country:  Italy

Barrel length: 200 mm

Magazine capacity:  32

Effective range:  200 m

Weight: 3,0 kg

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Beretta M12

An Italian submachine gun developed in the 1950s at the Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. in Milan. In 1959, the Beretta M12 submachine gun was introduced to the armament of the Italian army. Later, it was also exported to a number of other countries. Operates on the principle of recoil free lock, sliding on the barrel. The lock chamber with front and rear grip, magazine slot and drain chamber form one unit. Needle strike mechanism with a fixed needle.

Additional information

Weight3.90 kg
Dimensions1288 mm