Self-loaded Beretta 92S

Caliber                                      9 x 19 mm

Production year                        1976

Production country                    Italy

Length                                       217 mm

Barrel length                             125 mm

Magazine                                  15

Weight                                       0.955 kg

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Beretta 92S

Beretta 92S is a semi-automatic weapon. Working principle based on the barrel’s short recoil. Lock bolted with a swinging bolt. Trigger mechanism with self-tensioning, with a hammer striking mechanism. External hammer. Wing fuse on the slide. The gun has a safety feature to prevent accidents by inadvertently firing a shot. The safety device is a wing fuse on the lock which, when turned on, blocks the tap’s voltage (manually and with a trigger). The rear part of the needle is turned and away, which prevents contact of the needle with the tap.