SAR 80 carbine

Caliber:  5,56 x 45 mm

Production year:  1980

Production country:   Singapore

Length:    738/970 mm

Barrel length:   459 mm

Magazine capacity:   30

Weight:    3,5 kg


SAR 80 (Singapore Assault Rifle 80)


Singaporean assault rifle manufactured by Chartered Industries of Singapure in the first half of the ’80s. Is an individual self-repeating weapon. The principle of operation based on the use of powder gas energy discharged through the side of the barrel. The gas piston with short movement transfers energy through the pusher to the slide. Locking by turning the lock to the left (seven bolts). The trigger mechanism allows firing with single and burst fires. Fire mode switch lever on the left side of the weapon. Supply from double-row arc magazines with a capacity of 30 rounds (spare magazines with M16 magazines). Open sights consist of a front sight and a sight. Solid plastic grip.