Machine gun 63 RAK

Caliber                                       9x18mm Makarov

Production year                        1964

Production country                    Poland

Length                                       333/583 mm

Barrel length                             150 mm

Magazine                                  20

Effective range                         150 m

Weight                                       2,0 kg




Submachine gun 1963 PM-63 RAK (abbreviation for “manual commando machine”) – a Polish 9mm submachine gun, for 9 × 18 mm Makarov cartridge. Developed in the 1960s by prof. Piotr Wilniewczyc. Weapons intended for some units of the army including combat vehicle crews also used by Militia units. The 1963 submachine gun is an individual self-repeating weapon. The principle of operation is based on the recoil of the free lock with a delayed return movement. The weapon shoots from the open zipper the external type slide slides over the barrel and covers it in the front position. In the front part of the zipper there is a so-called spoon protruding from the barrel used to support the barrel in front of the retracted slide. The bucket also acts as a weakening of the throw, stabilizing the weapon. It also allows the lock to be tensioned with one hand by pressing the weapon with a hard obstacle. This construction of the lock is a unique feature of the PM-63. Before the first shot the lock had to be pulled back which remained tense in the rear position. The slide has a spring inertial retarder which reduces the rate of fire of the weapon. Needle strike mechanism with a fixed needle, embedded in the slide. Trigger mechanism without a fire mode switch with a two-mode trigger – a short pull of the trigger causes a single shot, long – series. The fuse from accidental shots – adjustable, locks the lock in the rear and front positions and in the intermediate position when unfolding and folding weapons.