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Norinco NDM – 86 rifle

Caliber: 308 WIN

Production time: modern weapon

Production country:  China

Length: 1220 mm

Barrel length: 620 mm

Magazine capacity:  10

Weight: 3.800 kg


Caliber:  .303 British

Production year: since 1895

Production country:   Wielka Brytania

Length:  1129 mm

Barrel length:   640 mm

Magazine capacity:  10

Weight:  4.110 kg


Mosin 1891 Rifle

Production years: from 1928 to 1934. Weapons visually in very good/perfect condition, technically in very good condition.

Weapons, oiler and adjustment keys included in the set.


Caliber:  7,62 x 54R

Production year:  1891

Production country:   ZSRR

Length: 1,288 mm

Barrel length:  800 mm

Magazine capacity: 5

Weight:  4,5 kg


Beretta BM59 rifle

Used weapon in good / very good visual condition and very good technical condition. In the set: Weapons and magazine.

Caliber: 7,62 x 51 mm

Production year: 1959

Production country:  Italy

Barrel length:  490 mm

Magazine capacity:   20

Weigth:  4,6 kg