House of Guns was founded in 2010. It is created by one of the largest importers of pyrotechnic materials in Europe. The domain of activity is import, export and domestic sale of military weapons (surplus).

Our assortment includes large amounts of long and short weapons mostly demobilized.
The company deals with the distribution of firearms hence, it does not cooperate with individual shooters but only with licensed entities. We also supply military markets, security agencies and government institutions around the world.


Our company focuses on firearm export. We offer new and demobilized weapons intended for both civil and military markets. The condition and quantity of our weapons anticipate the needs and preferences of demanding customer, containing products brands like FB Radom, Beretta, Walther, IWI, Cugir, Kalashnikov and more.


We provide constant access to new and military stocked ammunition caliber range from 5.6 to 23 cm. The offer contains civil and military ammunition.


House of Guns deals in contract sales of military equipment and technology. Starting with accessories such as bulletproof vests, helmets, noctovision, thermographic cameras ending with armored vehicles, tracklaying vehicles, flying and floating equipment.


In our constantly expanded offer you can find both new and demobilized pistols. Most of the weapons are intended for the military market and come from military stocks. With special client’s request the weapon can be adapted for use on the civil market. Our company also allows to inspect weapons before buying. This provides the quality guarantee.


In our spread offer you can also find both new and demobilized weapons intended for the military market. With special client’s request the weapon can be adapted for use on the civil market. The offer also includes machine guns, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and rifles for precision shooting.


We sell sets of spare parts for weapons. In our offer you find for instance barrels, magazines, locks and many others.


Amunicja TT dostępna

Od dziś dostępna jest amunicja w kalibrze 7,62x25mm. Na stanie 2 500 000 sztuk Zapraszamy do składania zamówień

Pistolety REX dostępne

Od 01.05.2018 w House of Guns można nabyć pistolety AREX rex w cenach dystrybutorskich. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z ofertą oraz katalogami.

wholesale supply of weapons 20.05.2018

Today stock levels have been filled with: Arsenal AKS47 M16 (new) M16 (Used) Berette M12 Berette BM59 Zastava M53 See our offer for more details.