In our offer, you can find modular pistols from the Italian manufacturer Arsenal Firearms – Strike One. They are characterized by exceptional modularity, where every element, such as the trigger or firing pin assembly, is an independent module. Importantly, the grip does not serve as the frame of the pistol, allowing for easy modifications in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Particular attention should be paid to the trigger module, which enables quick replacement, allowing for the creation of ready-made products perfectly suited for IPSC shooting. The products of this Italian manufacturer stand out with an innovative barrel locking system, utilizing an additional, unique element. This eliminates barrel tilting, significantly reducing recoil and muzzle rise, lowering the angle of the barrel from the typical 35 degrees to 15-17 degrees. This, in turn, results in faster and more precise target hits.

Additionally, Arsenal Firearms, being a renowned manufacturer, ensures compatibility of over 90% of components with other significant brands such as Glock, Tanfoglio, Walther, and CZ.

Our pistols are assembled and adjusted with almost watchmaking precision. This guarantees perfect fit, no play, and ideal matching of each component to the production dimensions, with the added note that the dimensions of the parts remain unchanged after production.

It is also worth noting that we offer full-service support, and our pistols are covered by a warranty. There is also the possibility of ordering additional accessories, such as grips, sighting devices, magazines, or holsters. We provide support in the form of know-how, facilitating the resale of pistols. Additionally, we conduct demonstrations, training, and presentations, and we warmly invite licensed entities to our headquarters for testing and a closer acquaintance with our products.

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