M16 carbine

Technical specification


Caliber:   5,56 x 45 mm

Production year:  1960

Production country:  USA

Length:   991 mm

Barrel length:   508 mm

Magazine capacity:  30

Effective range:   550 m

Weight:   3,0 kg

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M16 US Rifle

American automatic rifle constructed by Eugene Stoner. Principle of operation based on the use of powder gas energy discharged through the side hole of the barrel (powder gases are fed directly to the slide, the rifle does not have a classic gas piston). Locking by turning the lock to the left. After shooting the last cartridge, the lock stops in the rear position. Lock released by the button on the left side of the magazine slot. On the right side of the weapon, there is a manual lock reference. T-shaped reloading handle behind the transport grip (stationary while firing). The trigger mechanism with the limiter of the series length allows firing with single fire and three-shot series.

Additional information

Weight 3,90 kg
Dimensions 1288 mm