PSL sniper rifle

  • production country: Romania
  • barrel length: 625 mm
  • length overall: 1150 mm
  • weight: 4,6 kg
  • caliber: 7,62 x 54mm R
  • mag. capacity: 5/10


PSL romanian semi-automatic sniper rifle. PSL is a weapon with an internal construction modelled on the AK assault rifle, or more precisely its version RPK rkm. Design changes resulted from the adaptation of the PSL rifle to shoot with a 7.62 × 54 mm R rifle cartridge. There were no major changes in the way automation works. The primary sight is the optical sight modelled on the Soviet PSO-1. The principle of operation based on the discharge of some of the gas powder through the side of the barrel, with a long movement of the gas piston. PSL shoots from a closed lock. Lock bolted by turning.