Machine pistol MP5

  • barrel length: 225 mm
  • length overall: 680 mm
  • weight: 2.54 kg
  • caliber: 9×19
  • mag. capacity: 10, 15, 30


The MP5 submachine gun, manufactured by the German company Heckler & Koch, is an icon among weapons of its kind. Its reputation is built on reliability, precision, and versatility, making it a frequent choice for special forces, police, and military worldwide. The MP5’s design is based on proven and effective solutions, making it one of the most esteemed submachine pistols on the market. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, while the short barrel guarantees excellent accuracy even in dynamic situations.

The offer includes specimens of the MP5 originating from the demobilization of the Dutch police in caliber 9×19.

One magazine and an instruction manual are included with the weapon.